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We all react differently to traumatic events regardless of our age or connection to the event. Typically, though, people may become irritable, fearful, withdrawn or anxious. These are common feelings and they are normal. We at AllHealth Network want to encourage you to practice some self-care strategies and be mindful of your feelings and how they may be impacting your behavior with the end goal of having a healthy and meaningful holiday season. You can help yourself, friends and family in these ways:

Be honest and open when talking with children and teens and listen to their concerns. If your children are aware of the tragedies in our community, they may have questions or bring it up unexpectedly. Answer the questions they ask and know that too much information is not necessarily better. Keep it simple, listen for what they are really asking you. Usually they want to be reassured that they are safe, that you are in charge and that the routine they are used to will stay the same. If they are impacted by challenging situations at home or at school, you may notice changes in eating, sleeping and socialization patterns and they may be more irritable. Whenever a person's regular life habits change drastically, it is usually a sign that they are in distress. Any traumatic event can cause those things to happen. Listen to them, provide support and if you become concerned or if symptoms persist, listen to your gut, take action, get them help from a professional.

Have coping strategies in mind so you are ready when you need them: Some ideas include; connecting with others, journaling, exercise, eating healthy, avoiding caffeine, sugar, nicotine and alcohol and most importantly do what you can to get plenty of sleep.

Pay it forward: Giving to others fosters our sense of generosity and helps the GIVER feel better. Most of us receive more pleasure in giving than receiving. Consider giving your time to someone in need. How about inviting a neighbor over for a meal or to join you for an event. Consider volunteering at your child’s school or helping out a co-worker in need. Shoveling a sidewalk or making cookies for someone who would least expect such a yummy treat would be a welcomed gesture.

Participate in activities you enjoy: We want to encourage you to participate in a few activities and traditions that you enjoy. The Denver Metro area has numerous family friendly events. Check out this list to get you started.

Keep it simple: Often times we burden ourselves with the unrealistic, unhealthy notion that holiday celebrations need to be perfect. We encourage you to try a new strategy; slow down, keep it simple, and concentrate on time together rather than material things. It is really the time with family and friends that we all remember rather than the details that we often fuss and stress over.

Our holiday wish for you is that you will slow down, enjoy time with family and friends and know that we have much to be thankful for. Happy Holidays!

Laurie Elliott, LCSW
Director, Child and Family Services
AllHealth Network – Serving the behavioral health needs of our community since 1955.


2017 Like Minds, Leaders Take Action Event Banner - AllHealth Network

On May 11th, business and community leaders gathered for a kickoff event in support of the AllHealth Network CEO/Leadership Pledge.

The Like Minds...Leaders Take Action event, co-chaired by Louise Richardson and Lee Bowen and sponsored by Citywide Banks, served as an opportunity for forward-thinkers to connect and begin moving the pledge forward.

Many thanks to all who attended, our CEO/Leadership Pledge Ambassadors, AllHealth Network Board of Directors, Shelly Rule and the Chris Rule Foundation and event sponsor Citywide Banks.

2017 Non Profit Finalists Banner AllHealth Network

AllHealth Network was honored to be a Finalist for Large Nonprofit of the Year Award with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. The opportunity to stand alongside fellow Large Nonprofit Finalists, Denver Rescue Mission and Kids First Health Care, was inspiring. AllHealth Network’s commitment to being a community organization focused on improving lives started over 62-years ago and continues to grow every day!

If you would like to support the mission of AllHealth Network in providing exemplary behavioral health services to those in need visit our Give Now page. Also, check out the video on AllHealth Network produced by the Metro Chamber of Commerce for the Business Awards ceremony below:

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