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Joan DiMaria Retirement Banner

On November 17th, AllHealth Network held a celebration at the AMG Dome for former CEO Joan DiMaria, who retired after 27 years of extraordinary service. It was a memorable event with her friends and family traveling to be there through the first snow storm of the year. Over 125 guests attended with remarks offered by Chairman of the AllHealth Network Board, John Phillips as well by Dr. Barb Becker. A video was shown honoring Joan and her work featuring colleagues, friends and family honoring Joan’s accomplishments and achievements. John Phillips, joined by AllHealth Network board member, Shawn Turner and Barb Becker presented Joan with a gift from all at AllHealth Network and the Board of Directors.

Joan’s remarkable dedication to behavioral health spanned over 40 years. Her contributions were significant at AllHealth Network, as well as the professional guidance and input she provided in the community. Joan served on multiple boards including Behavioral Health Inc. (BHI), Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council, Signal, Community Crisis Connections, CHADA, and many others over the years. She was instrumental in forging ahead relationships in the forensic community creating the first Mental Health Court in Arapahoe County.

As a trained psychiatric nurse and administrator, Joan’s work is well recognized in the behavioral healthcare locally and nationally.

We miss Joan’s warmth, sense of humor and distinct style and her inspirational leadership continues to inspire many at AllHealth Network and in the field.