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Court Treatment Services

Court Treatment ServicesWe provide mental health and substance abuse treatment services for the 18th Judicial Wellness Court.

For offenders who have been accepted to participate in the 18th Judicial Wellness Court, our multi-disciplinary Wellness Court team coordinates with court personnel to provide case management, medication compliance, individual counseling, group therapy, substance abuse treatment, and support with daily life skills. Case managers help the individual with benefits and referrals to community services and resources, such as shelter, housing, clothing, food, and social and vocational rehabilitation. One of the goals is to reverse "criminal-thinking" patterns. The ultimate goal is to successfully reintegrate the individual into the community, and break the cycle of recidivism.

What is criminal thinking?

Our "mental map" incorporates our beliefs, attitudes and assumptions about ourselves, others, and the world. This internal map guides our behavior and give us direction. For offenders, the goal is to address "criminal-thinking" patterns — destructive thought and behavior patterns that result in repeat offenses. There is a the link between addictive and criminal thinking, as well as common criminal tactics.

court treatment services district court of coloradoWhat is the Wellness Court program?

Typically a two-year program, the 18th Judicial District's Wellness Court is a jail-diversion program for offenders identified as having a major mental illness. The program is designed to provide appropriate treatment and help those who have broken the law due to their illness. The goal is to break the cycle of recidivism so that they may be rehabilitated and return to the community.

What is a typical day in the life of a Wellness Court client like?Wellness Court Judge

It isn't easy for an offender participant of the Wellness Court in the 18th Judicial District. First, one must be accepted by a multidisciplinary team based on stringent criteria and a solid personal commitment to recovery. The program itself is rigorous. While a typical day might vary depending on the program stage the person is in, and weekly activities such as court dates, doctor appointments, applying for benefits and more, here's what a typical non-court day for "Paul" might be like.

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Day in the Life of Paul