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Stories From Within Aaron Grace

Stories from Within

This fall we began a series entitled Stories from Within and our first featured profile was Rebecca Wilson from the Adult Services Division. For our winter expose we have the privilege of presenting, Aaron Grace, a member of the AllHealth Network Call Center team. Aaron was kind enough to share his story recently and below you will have the opportunity to learn more about Aaron as I did. It is my pleasure to introduce Aaron Grace.

Aaron Grace, Call Center MemberAaron Grace Photo

AllHealth Network attracts individuals from all over the globe including this issues subject, Aaron Grace. Aaron has lived in Colorado since he was a young boy, yet his story began across the ocean in England where he was born and where some of his family remain. His father was in the military and his journey took Aaron’s family from England back to the United States with stops in Pennsylvania, Arizona and finally Colorado.

As a son of a military man, you might think that Aaron would have considered a career in the service; that was not his calling. Aaron was drawn (and still is) to music and entertainment. As he considered what to do with his interests and talent, he began writing rap lyrics, performing and singing. He enjoyed making music and making those around him happy. It was a difficult road, as most in entertainment will tell you, and for Aaron he needed to find a different way to support himself and his young family. As an entertainer, his art form was to send a message and communicate an idea; at the Call Center, he can use that same skill.

Aaron did not begin his call center career at AllHealth Network, in fact he started working in call centers about 20 years ago, mostly in commercial settings. About three years ago, he found his way to AllHealth Network and an opportunity unlike any of his former call center experiences. As we know, AllHealth Network’s Call Center is the first point of contact to the organization and is critical in advancing client care. Aaron instantly saw the difference in a call center at a behavioral health care organization versus what he had experienced in the corporate sector and liked it. As Aaron states “I talk to the clients, calm them and give them hope” which is the essence of a successful exchange at the call center. For Aaron, it is about making a client feel comfortable and encouraged they will find what they are looking for in our system.

Providing useful and helpful information to the client and prospective client in the most challenging of times is critical, and Aaron is committed to making that happen. When asked to give an example of a memorable exchange, Aaron shared a story of how he provided information that assisted a child whereby the outcome was not a hospitalization but rather care able to be offered through AllHealth Network services.

Aaron credits his empathy and interest in helping others to his mother, who despite having a tough road financially, always embraced assisting and helping others when she could. Her desire to be positive, hopeful and contributing to others helped to shape Aaron’s perspective on supporting and giving to those who are in need. He also believes that making others smile, and giving hope and opportunity is a reward. He is proud of the work that he and colleagues in the call center do every day, and proud of receiving acknowledgement of that work only 3 months into his employment at AllHealth Network. Aaron is the recipient of a PAWS recognition certificate for his valuable contribution to the call center and to the organization.

As a single father of three, he is keenly aware of the importance of supporting young people and understanding the nuances and challenges of growing up in today’s cyber world. As a young man, he saw the effects of bullying, and as Aaron says, “as I got my weight up” I could better understand and better support those who were confronted negatively. He is very proud of his three children who are active in school and church. Aaron described his children as the best part of himself and does everything he can to encourage them to succeed and be happy.

Aaron’s work at AllHealth Network has made a distinct difference and his impressions of his teammates sum it up. Aaron views the call center team as the communicators, the navigators, and those who are at the” front door “of AllHealth Network. It is an uncommon call center with particularly big hearted and amazing team of customer oriented professionals.

In addition to all he brings to AllHealth Network, Aaron continues with his creative interests and is writing a fictional story. With Aaron’s insight and ability to communicate, I know I am anxiously awaiting a future book signing.