Executive Committee

William Henricks Cynthia Grant - Chief Clinical Officer Keith Larson Melissa Sinkus

Dr. William Henricks
Chief Executive Officer

Cynthia Grant
Chief Clinical Officer

Keith Larson
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Business Officer

Melissa Sinkus
Interim VP of Medical Services


Meet our Leadership Team

Eileen Barker Vice President of Acute Care Services
Jen Bock Vice President of Recovery Services
Laurie Elliott Vice President of Outpatient Services
Dennis Ballinger Director of Addiction & Forensic Services
Love Beejal Business Development Director
Sheena Binder Director of Client Access Operations
Randy Booton Controller
Brandee Butt Pharmacy Director
Cally Cripps CSI Director
Sharon Fisher Revenue Cycle Director
Fred Griffin Information Technology Director
Marti Hawkins Director of Medical Services
Sam Madden Director of Quality Improvement & Compliance
Beth Nixon Human Resources Director