What is the AllHealth Network CEO Pledge?

Working together, AllHealth Network and the business community have the opportunity to form and lead a collective movement that will elevate the conversation around addiction and mental health. By providing actionable steps to strengthen both the workforce and community we can collectively work towards eradicating suicide. These steps will include providing employees with training and education, access to resources, and encouragement to seek treatment when needed. Now more than ever, the business community can provide leadership to empower and support its workforce and take action toward solving a critical community problem.

Suicide in Colorado

In Colorado, our suicide numbers are higher than the national average. At least three out of ten Coloradans experience mental health problems each year, and these are just the numbers we know for sure. As a result of the stigma associated with mental illness, many people will never report problems to their doctor or reach out to others for help.

When it comes to suicide, the numbers are even more troubling. Colorado has the seventh highest suicide rate in the country. According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, in 2014, the most recent year of state data available, 1,058 Coloradans died by suicide, which is the highest number ever recorded. Suicide kills more Coloradans each year than homicide, car crashes, diabetes, breast cancer, flu or pneumonia. Suicide is highest in males and middle-aged Coloradans. Men account for more than 75 percent of suicide deaths, and the 35 to 64-year age group had the highest number of suicides in 2014 with 391 deaths. It is the seventh leading cause of death for all Coloradans and second leading cause of death for young Coloradans.

As a trusted behavioral health care provider for over 17,000 individuals each year and an expert on workplace behavioral health and suicide prevention, AllHealth Network developed the CEO Pledge because mental health and suicide are community issues that must be addressed in partnership with the business community in order to make a difference. Building a healthy workforce is only successful under the sponsorship of the CEO, which has a ripple effect into the community. AllHealth Network’s services are discreet and confidential.

Zero Suicide

Currently, there is legislation that is being vetted that focuses on a concept known as Zero Suicide. The legislation encourages all health systems in Colorado to adopt Zero Suicide. It only makes sense for behavioral health to take the lead in this effort.

Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council and the Office of Suicide Prevention have partnered to participate in a learning collaborative on Zero Suicide. Currently, there are plans to bring a Zero Suicide Academy to Colorado in June. AllHealth Network has made a commitment that we will be part of this effort and we will be taking strides over the next few months to prepare for the implementation of Zero Suicide.

As part of this effort, all staff will be trained in suicide prevention with a level of training appropriate level for your interaction with clients. We will be examining what changes need to be done to our EHR in order to collect the necessary data. We will continue to do what we have been doing for years - providing high quality care for our clients who are struggling with thoughts of harming themselves or of taking their own life.

CEO's commit to:

  • Fostering a culture, in partnership with AllHealth Network, that supports mental health and wellness and life without addictions.

AllHealth Network commits to:

  • Being a leader in the community in addressing the issue of suicide - both for the clients we serve and for the individuals in our community who have not yet engaged in services, or have disengaged in services. AllHealth Network is an active member of the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado and of the Douglas Arapahoe Suicide Prevention Alliance.
  • Providing excellent behavior healthcare.
  • Providing 24/7 access to crisis treatment.
  • Educating the community on mental health and wellness, as well as how to recognize mental illness and refer people to the appropriate treatment.
  • Information for your employees on how to access AllHealth Network’s discreet and confidential services located in the Denver Tech center, as well as other community locations.
  • Offering Mental Health First Aid Training to the community.

How will the AllHealth Network CEO Pledge affect your employees?

Investing in a mentally healthy workforce is good for business. It can lower total medical costs, increase productivity, lower absenteeism and presenteeism, and decrease disability costs.

In fact, the National Alliance for Mental Illness published that mental illness costs businesses approximately $440 billion annually. In the US, approximately $21.7 billion dollars are lost by employers due to productivity decline.

No business can do this alone, we must come together as a community and take a stand against suicide and make a commitment to mental wellness. Culture change starts at the top. Research shows a CEO’s personal commitment will ensure wellness permeates the culture from day one.

Short term: Your commitment to fostering a culture that supports behavioral health will demonstrate to your employees that seeking treatment or behavioral health is encouraged.

Create a sense of pride in being part of a collective effort that is elevating the conversation around mental health.

Staff can take advantage of resources AllHealth Network offers, including counseling for individuals and families, group therapy and substance abuse treatment. If medication is needed, our psychiatrists and prescribing nurses can help, with an easy-to access pharmacy nearby. Other programs include our crisis line, acute emergency treatment (in-patient) and 24 hour crisis care.

Long term: Employees will contribute to a shift in culture within your company and the Denver business community as a whole. A shift in culture will help break down stigma – within their community and in the community at large.


I, ___________________, CEO / President / GM / Executive Leader of ___________________ commit to fostering a culture of acceptance and awareness about behavioral and mental health conditions in my company.

As part of my commitment, I will ensure that mental health is a strategic and visible priority for my company by:

  • Ensure that my employees have access to information about available services in the community.
  • Make certain my company has medical policies that address behavioral health concerns and provide options and encouragement to employees to seek them.
  • Provide a statement on our company website stating our company’s commitment to our employees and the community.
  • Draft and communicate a statement to tell employees about this commitment;

As part of my commitment, my company will work with ALLHEALTH NETWORK to:

  • Provide opportunities for presentations and trainings to educate my employees about mental health and suicide prevention.
  • Improve mental health support for all employees to strengthen my workforce, their families, and the community.


___________________________ Signature

___________________________ Date


AllHealth Network Pledge

AllHealth Network is committed to be a leader in addressing the issue of suicide - both for the clients we serve and for the individuals in our community who have not yet engaged in services, or have disengaged in services.

AllHealth Network will:

  • Provide mental health screenings in the community.
  • Advocate for progressive legislation that provides affordable, accessible, and equitable behavioral health care for all.
  • Be a valued business partner by helping our partners educate and empower their employees to seek treatment or help others to access resources.
  • Drive the ZERO Suicide effort by providing training for all our employees in suicide prevention with a level of training appropriate level for their interaction with clients.
  • Provide communications materials and tools to raise awareness.
  • Share insights gained from research, evidence-based practices, and effective solutions.
  • Convene partners to exchange ideas and knowledge.

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