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Chancellor Rebecca Chopp Signs Pledge for Mental Health Support with AllHealth Network

Commitment to fostering a culture that supports mental health awareness

DENVER—May 18, 2017—The University of Denver today announced its partnership with AllHealth Network by signing a CEO pledge to commit to promoting an environment that encourages seeking mental health treatment and provides resources for those who need it.

University of Denver Chancellor Rebecca Chopp and Dean of the Graduate School for Professional Psychology, Shelly Smith-Acuna, both signed the of denver logo

The University of Denver is proud to educate our community and help build awareness around behavioral health disorders,” said Chopp. “At DU we aim to educate our entire community that reaching out for help is encouraged, but also that openly talking about mental and behavioral health concerns is one of the most effective ways we can breakdown misconceptions.”

As part of the CEO pledge, Chopp and the University agree to support matters to destigmatize mental health issues, ensure all employees have access to training, education and resources for mental health support, and encourage employees to seek treatment when needed.

AllHealth Network will provide complimentary trainings and workshops, as well as resources to organizations who sign the pledge. This includes counseling services, group therapy and substance abuse treatment.

“By signing AllHealth Networks’ CEO/Leadership Pledge, Chancellor Chopp is demonstrating the University of Denver’s commitment to its workforce and students and the importance of normalizing the conversation around mental health,” said Dr. William Henricks, AllHealth Network’s CEO.

Currently there are 10 signed pledges including, Mac Macovits and the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Foundation, Lloyd Lewis and arc Thrift Stores and Jeffrey Call and Mile High LED Systems. AllHealth Network hopes to sign 50 signees by next May.

About the University of Denver:

The University of Denver: Founded in 1864, the University of Denver is committed to engaging with students in advancing scholarly inquiry, cultivating critical and creative thought, and generating knowledge. The University strives to educate the 21st-century citizens and leaders needed in its organizations and communities. For additional information, visit the University’s newsroom or follow the University on Facebook and Twitter.

About AllHealth Network:

AllHealth Network is a non-profit healthcare organization providing a full spectrum of behavioral healthcare to more than 17,000 children, adults and older adults, families and couples in 10 unique settings. Behavioral health services include counseling, psychiatry, crisis services, substance abuse treatment, adult acute treatment unit, services offered to the criminal just system, vocational and social rehabilitation, school-based services and an on-site pharmacy. For more information about AllHealth Network, please visit