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It is the goal of All Health Network to train its student interns to become competent, ethical, and confident professionals in their trade of study. We provide experience and supervision that allow interns to thrive in today’s world, and to gain the knowledge and tools that empower them to adapt to an ever-changing industry.

We are excited about your interest in applying for a placement with us. Please be aware that All Health Network does not accept current staff members to be placed as interns while employed with us. All Health Network also does not allow interns or their immediate family members to receive clinical services or treatment through our organization while interning or working with us.

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Please list 3 references, including at least one from your university/college and one from your discipline of study, if possible. No personal references

Application Submission

Once you have submitted your application you will receive more information about the next steps. If you have questions regarding completing the application contact the Licensing and Internship Supervisor, Erin Phipps at 720-707-6411 or at at