AllHealth Network Launches Mobile Response Unit to address non-emergency behavioral health-related 911 calls

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AllHealth Network Launches Mobile Response Unit to address non-emergency behavioral health-related 911 calls

ENGLEWOOD, CO (Aug. 30, 2022) – AllHealth Network has launched a pilot program with the Englewood Police Department to respond to non-emergency mental health 911 calls by dispatching a Mobile Response Unit (MRU) van staffed with mental health and medical professionals.

“We are honored to provide this new program to the communities we serve,” said Jen Bock, Chief Clinical Officer for AllHealth Network, “it is a true partnership between AllHealth Network, law enforcement and our communities.”

A trained dispatcher will ask 911 callers a series of questions to determine if the Mobile Response Unit should respond to a situation instead of police.

“Our goal is to expand options available to the community when individuals call 911 experiencing a low-level behavioral health crisis,” said Alli Briggs, Director of Clinical Services of AllHealth Network. “This program will free up law enforcement and bring interventions for individuals in our community.”

“In their first week in-service (the MRU) has handled around 30 calls for service,” said Englewood Department Resource Coordinator Sergeant Reid McGrath, “calls that would have required police response are now handled by civilians who are able to provide de-escalation and resources.”

The MRU van is staffed by a registered nurse and a behavioral health case manager.

Calls may include welfare checks, substance use or homelessness concerns, individuals experiencing non-emergent suicidal ideation, and other low-level behavioral health situations.  The van is equipped with a lift for non-ambulatory needs, bus passes, snacks, water, pet food, hand warmers, and other essential items.

Based on the person’s interaction and reported concerns, the case manager will assess their needs and coordinate care accordingly while the registered nurse evaluates any possible medical issues. It is the team’s goal to meet the person’s needs by treating them in place, coordinating care, and/or providing basic necessities on-scene.

If the individual consents, the MRU can provide transportation to a care facility or transit hub. Examples include: AllHealth Network’s Crisis Walk-in Center at 6509 S. Santa Fe Drive, a detox facility, shelter, or bus station depending on the need.

Higher level mental health concerns will continue to be addressed by AllHealth Network’s Co-Responder Program launched in 2018 with the Englewood Police Department. The Co-Responder Program is comprised of seven licensed clinicians and three case managers operating in five police departments.

AllHealth Network’s Mobile Response Unit is partnering with Englewood police to respond to low-level mental health 911 calls instead of dispatching law enforcement.

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