Criminal Justice Rehabilitation Services

Approximately 40 percent of people in juvenile detention centers, jails and prisons have a diagnosable mental health issue. This percent more than doubles when addiction is included. For many of these individuals, incarceration is a continuous cycle; offend, go to jail, repeat.

Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

Our staff work to help train police officers how to safely help someone in mental health crisis. We also work collaboratively with law enforcement to provide follow up support and services to people with a behavioral health issue who get involved with police.

Jail-to-community reentry support

People leaving jails or prisons often have limited resources and support. Our professional therapists and case managers work to help these people adjust to the community and get connected to health care, housing and other essentials to reduce the chance of going back to jail or the hospital. 

Criminal Justice Costs

  • In Jail: $38,000
  • In Psychiatric Facility: $100,000
  • In The Community: $7,000

Source: Health Policy Solutions