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Hi Everyone,

Healthcare continues on the track of significant change! At AllHealth Network, we are intimately aware of that in our day to day, however the conversation on healthcare is elevating in our state and being reported on more frequently as we are nearing November and a decision on Colorado’s proposed Amendment 69. Recently, writer and reporter, Ed Sealover of the Denver Business Journal published an expansive account on one of Colorado’s most controversial proposed changes. As Ed Sealover stated, “Is Amendment 69 the solution to a broken health care system, or a dangerous experiment that threatens the state’s economy?” A question we are all asking and along with this conversation is the discussion around how will this impact the increased needs for medical and mental health? The concerns are clear; with rising health care costs, and a current system that needs adjustment, are we as a state prepared to take on the responsibility (as Massachusetts) to cover the cost of many, and strive for good, effective health, accessible healthcare for all Coloradans?

Amendment 69, referred to as ColoradoCare, proposes a taxpayer-funded system of universal healthcare. There are strong views from insurers, providers and citizens and in the end, as we vote in November we will see what this means for AllHealth Network and other healthcare systems for our ability to create a wider spectrum of care and opportunity for those in need. Proponents suggest that ColoradoCare would provide a greater reach of care and reduce costs for Coloradans, and those opposing suggest ColoradoCare does not fully capture the underlying reasons for increased pricing in healthcare and may not be fully scrutinized by the directors who will be in command of the program.

As for providers like AllHealth Network, we are committed to assuring that our services and programs remain available to our clients and families and within a scale that we can best serve—no matter what the results of the election. I am asking each of you to get educated about this issue so that you can vote in November on an issue that will potentially affect our business and our own healthcare.

ColoradoCare, if approved, will change the course of state healthcare in Colorado…at AllHealth Network, we are already changing our course. Through the thoughtful work of clinical and non-clinical staff, we are proud to have turned a corner financially, and can report we are solid and steady in our financial picture; an improvement that collectively was achieved and we continue our efforts as we prepare for next fiscal year. Other recent achievements posted by our Quality Department indicate (for the month of April), we have been able to improve access to substance use services within 3 days, access to mental health services within 7 days (Open Access is working), and in earlier reports, we are seeing increased client satisfaction (4.47 on a scale of 5 – 5 being very good), and of clients surveyed, 99.5% would recommend AllHealth Network to others. Sincere thanks to each of you for your efforts that drove those impressive outcomes! Change is happening within our Network and our state, and we continue our efforts to improve and enhance the quality of our services and programs to our clients and families by responding to an ever changing healthcare landscape.

Always the best,


2017 Like Minds, Leaders Take Action Event Banner - AllHealth Network

On May 11th, business and community leaders gathered for a kickoff event in support of the AllHealth Network CEO/Leadership Pledge.

The Like Minds...Leaders Take Action event, co-chaired by Louise Richardson and Lee Bowen and sponsored by Citywide Banks, served as an opportunity for forward-thinkers to connect and begin moving the pledge forward.

Many thanks to all who attended, our CEO/Leadership Pledge Ambassadors, AllHealth Network Board of Directors, Shelly Rule and the Chris Rule Foundation and event sponsor Citywide Banks.

2017 Non Profit Finalists Banner AllHealth Network

AllHealth Network was honored to be a Finalist for Large Nonprofit of the Year Award with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. The opportunity to stand alongside fellow Large Nonprofit Finalists, Denver Rescue Mission and Kids First Health Care, was inspiring. AllHealth Network’s commitment to being a community organization focused on improving lives started over 62-years ago and continues to grow every day!

If you would like to support the mission of AllHealth Network in providing exemplary behavioral health services to those in need visit our Give Now page. Also, check out the video on AllHealth Network produced by the Metro Chamber of Commerce for the Business Awards ceremony below:

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