Like Minds

Leaders Take Action

The Like Minds Movement was created by AllHealth Network in conjunction with community leaders and advocates to globally impact mental health through community understanding, education, and action. There are two vibrant elements of the movement - Like Minds…Leaders Take Action and “In My Mind.”

LikeMinds…Leaders TakeAction is an initiative chaired by Louise Richardson and Lee Bowen and endorsed by corporate and community leaders to affect positive change in the workplace and the community as a whole. It focuses on elevating and normalizing the conversation around mental health and includes a Like Minds “Speakers Series” which was kicked off last year with an event featuring tech whiz and entrepreneur extraordinaire Brad Feld who shared his story of fighting depression –

Other Like Minds events have included an Executive Women Connecting panel discussion on “All Health” – physical, mental, and emotional; “A Discussion of Courage and Vulnerability” with Cheryl Scoglio, facilitator of The Daring Way™, an empirically based training and certification program based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown; and a holiday evening of awareness hosted by David Yurman Denver. Future events will focus on various topics related to mental health, always featuring a speaker or panel who is a thought leader on the subject. On April 17, 2020 AllHealth Network will celebrate its 65th anniversary with a Like Minds event featuring former Congressman and mental health advocate Patrick Kennedy.

“In My Mind” is a separate, and complementary, campaign. It was originally created as a visual collection of intriguing photos and insightful personal reflections expressed from the mind of a person who has had mental as well as physical challenges that any of us can experience…sometimes dividing us by fear yet bonding us as human beings. The response was so powerful that it has been extended to include people for whom mental health is a passion, regardless of whether they have been directly, or indirectly, touched. The purpose of In My Mind is to increase understanding of mental and behavioral health. The faces and voices reflect a range of human diversities, acknowledging that no one is untouched by mental illness and the commonality of this human experience can unite us.

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