Crisis Services

Crisis Stabilization Unit

In partnership with: Colorado Crisis Services

The Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) is a residential, unlocked facility with clinical care for clients struggling to manage their psychiatric conditions and who are not at high risk of harm. The average length of stay at our CSU is always less than 5 days. The small group, living room like environment with access to our outdoor patio and therapeutic walking path make this a good option for adults seeking services to regain balance. We can also arrange placement at a

Colorado Crisis Services partner CSU for individuals under age 18.

AllHealth Network’s CSU is available for adults (age 18 and older) who need more intensive services than outpatient. Voluntary or involuntary treatment can be for up to five days. The CSU engages in therapeutic groups such as art, yoga, and mindfulness and even has an iPad to broadcast music and podcasts. Individuals must be referred from a Walk in Crisis Center to be admitted to the CSU.

The CSU has a psychiatric provider available for evaluations, ongoing assessment and medications as needed. Our compassionate nursing team is available around the clock, and a clinician helps facilitate groups, individual and family counseling for clients.

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