Intensive Programs

Substance Use

AllHealth Network is one of the few local resources that has trained professionals to not only evaluate substance use challenges but also the mental health needs of the individual (cooccurring conditions).

We use an integrated approach to look at how mental health and substance use disorders are intertwined to identify the best treatment approach.

AllHealth Network provides addiction treatment for both adults and adolescents.
Our Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock locations have staff trained to work with individuals on their path to recovery from addiction, mental illness, and trauma.

Adult Substance Use Treatment

The Recovery Cooperative (The Co-Op) offers a unique and modern Intensive Outpatient Program. This program primarily consists of group treatment, individual sessions, as well as family and couples therapy. These services are supplemented by
case management to ensure our clients get the wraparound services they need.

Treatment at The Co-Op is both trauma informed and evidence-based. All of these services are also available individually on an outpatient basis and provided in an inviting, shame-free environment.

Substance Use Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Details:

  • Treatment for adults (age 18+)
  • Three groups: Recovery Skills, Foundations, DBT
  • A multidisciplinary team made up of psychiatrists, nurses, and behavioral health clinicians
  • Rapid access to services
  • Case management and other adjunctive services like individualized job placement

Adolescent Substance Use Treatment

AllHealth provides services to teens struggling with substance use by focusing on a
collaborative treatment effort involving the teen’s family. Whether a teen is experimenting with substances or an addiction is controlling an individual’s life, we’re here to help.

Bridges Project

Treating substance use and mental health leads to the most positive outcomes for youth and young adults. The Bridges program does not lecture about how bad drugs and alcohol are but rather teaches clients new ways of handling a variety of life challenges, how to create and maintain positive relationships and engage in academic and career so that they do not feel the need to use substances.

This program is available to youth and young adults ages 13 to 25 and takes place over 16 to 32 weeks depending on the needs of the individual.

Issues Addressed
  • Eliminating alcohol and drug use
  • Building relationships with positive friends
  • Academic assistance and job finding skills
  • Strengthening relationships with family members
  • Engaging in positive recreational activities
  • Improving communication and problem solving
  • Anger Management

To get started with our adolescent substance use recovery program call 303-730-8858 to speak with a Clinical Assessment Specialist. After speaking with a Clinical Assessment Specialist the individual seeking assistance will attend an initial assessment appointment and then schedule an individual, family, or group appointment as necessary.

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