Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season

The holidays season is upon us, and it can be easy to put our wellness to the wayside. With upcoming travel, anticipated gatherings with friends and family, scheduling time to destress can be harder than ever. Not only can adults experience heightened stress during the holiday season, but kids and teens can as well. Here are some symptoms of heightened stress:

  • Difficulty concentrating or recalling information
  • Irritable mood or sudden mood swings
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unable to fall or stay asleep
  • Headaches
  • Feeling tense, worried, or anxious

It is important to continuously check-in with ourselves during this time of year. Identifying key stressors can help us to detect helpful coping strategies and create a plan to mitigate the impact of stress.

Helpful tips for parents:

  • Reach out to your support systems – it may feel easy to isolate when overwhelmed with stress, but connection can be powerful.
  • Try something new – do not be afraid to try a new coping strategy or incorporating your family in your destress plan.
  • Maintain a healthy routine – structure is good for kids, but very helpful for adults as well.
  • Practice gratitude – stress has the ability to clog our minds with negative thoughts or emotions, but practicing gratitude can help combat that.

If you feel that your child may benefit from speaking with a professional, do not hesitate to reach out. AllHealth Network’s Early Childhood Services helps children between the ages of 0-8 aimed to help children overcome difficulties and thrive. Our staff works closely with the child, parent or caregiver, and families as a whole to assure everyone receives the best quality of care. Our early childhood services are available at our Littleton – Southwood, Castle Rock, and Denver Tech Center (DTC) locations. AllHealth Network also offers telehealth appointments.

If you are in need of extra support during this holiday season, reach out to AllHealth Network at (303) 730-8858 to speak with someone about available services and support. The Walk-In Crisis Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week located at 6509 S Santa Fe Dr., Littleton, CO 80120. You can also call our Crisis Hotline at (303) 730-3303 for immediate assistance over the phone.

AllHealth Network does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

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