El Día del Niño (English)

Many thanks to Colorado Spirit Counselor, Ivette Ceballos, for writing this week’s piece.

El Día del Niño, otherwise known as Children’s Day in America, is a celebration held on April 30th that originated in Mexico but is now celebrated around the world. During this holiday many parents buy their children gifts and schools hold big celebrations with games, candy, music, and much more. Children are celebrated and cherished all day and it is a time that allows us to reflect on how important the well-being of our children is. In honor of this celebration, The AllHealth Network Colorado Spirit Team would like to offer ways in which we can empower and support the children in our lives.

Be present and tune in…

It is amazing what we can learn from children when we simply observe. Whether you’re a parent watching your children play or a schoolteacher teaching them a new skill, there is a lot to learn from children when we tune in. Set aside 5-10 minutes to be mindful and present during any activity with your child. Notice how they talk, play, and move. Ask questions and actively listen to their responses. This practice allows us to meet our children where they are at in the present time.

Positive Affirmations…

We like to say that you should speak to yourself as you would speak to a loved one. Instilling this positive internal conversation within children can have a huge impact on their social and emotional wellbeing. When we speak words of kindness to ourselves, we feel more empowered and confident. It works the same in children. These affirmations can be mantras that children can repeat such as “I am brave, I am strong, I am loved.” They can also be used throughout the day praising your child for the things they do, for example, “you have great ideas, it’s okay to make mistakes, I believe in you.”

Validate their feelings…

Children may be small in comparison to adults, but their emotions are not. The way they experience emotions is very different from the way adults do and it is important that we hold space for them to navigate those feelings and feel that they are supported. During stressful times that might be difficult to do but talking through those difficult emotions can help bring children back to baseline. Encouraging them to step back, breathe and reflect can be beneficial when they feel overwhelmed. The more we allow children to “feel their feelings” the more they will feel empowered and safe.

Whether you may raise children, teach them, advocate for them, or simply want to show love and support, we can all find a way to celebrate El Día del Niño.


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