Setting Smaller Goals that Work for You in 2022

We would like to thank Colorado Spirit Counselor, Ivette Iceballos, for writing this week’s content in both English and Spanish. Click here to read this week’s post in Spanish.

With the new year just around the corner, many of us start considering what resolutions we might set for ourselves. With everyone around us setting goals, we might begin to feel the pressure of making lots of changes overnight. Change, however, does not work that way. Goals can change over time and often consist of trial and error. The Colorado Spirit Team at AllHealth Network would like to invite you to consider if this is a year to focus on setting realistic and balanced goals to avoid feelings of disappointment or failure.

Don’t go 0 to 100 when setting your goals

Setting goals like “lose 100 pounds,” “write every day,” or “workout every day” are goals that are vague and drastic. These kinds of goals can become overwhelming and easy to put off. Instead of setting these huge goals try getting specific. Set goals like “write 500 words every day” or “exercise for 20 minutes, 4 times a week.” Specific goals are much more doable than vague goals.

Set goals with intention

Goals with intention are connected to our values and what aligns with us as individuals rather than to external factors. Accomplishing every goal for the year might not be realistic but setting intentions allows you to actively participate in living out your values every day.

Make a plan that works for you

Once you have gotten specific about your goals, it’s important that you make a detailed plan for each goal. Having a plan and pathway can help you visualize what progress you hope to see and won’t have you wishing for immediate results. It’s crucial that you make a plan that fits with your lifestyle. Take into account what your days look like and carve out time to focus on these goals.

Small progress is still progress

Chances are you might not stick to your thought-out plan for the entire year and that is OKAY. You don’t need to make this perfect; it just needs to work for you. Life happens and it’s okay to step away from your goals, in fact, it is encouraged. Allow yourself to take time off or reevaluate your goals/plan. Acknowledge and celebrate any kind of progress you have made. Reflecting on the things that went well for you instead of the things that didn’t can help avoid feelings of disappointment.

For the year 2022, focus on the things that make you feel good. Change can be a long process and chances are you will encounter bumps on the road, but don’t let that keep you from moving forward. Let go of the unrealistic expectations and be kind to yourself as you think about the goals you might set for yourself.

Check out these resources as you begin to think about setting goals for the new year:

If you’re having difficulty getting specific about your goals try this worksheet

If speaking to someone would help, please reach out.

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