Treat Yourself [With Kindness] – A few ways you can practice self-compassion

Huge thanks to Ivette Ceballos, Colorado Spirit Counselor, for writing this week’s post.

During these rapidly changing times, it is difficult to remember that our reactions and feelings are completely normal. Self-compassion is a way in which we can treat ourselves with kindness and fairness when faced with adversity. Due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty that we face every day, self-compassion is crucial to manage stress and reduce feelings of loneliness.

When we encounter a difficult and challenging time, it is important we keep a few things in mind so that we can have more self-compassion. 

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

Take a moment and acknowledge the situation. Become aware of the feelings that you are experiencing such as stress, anger, loneliness, etc. When we acknowledge our feelings, we hold space for reflection. This allows us to think more clearly, resolve conflicts well, and move past the difficult situation more easily.

You are not alone, talk about it!

During challenging times, we tend to isolate ourselves and overthink. Those actions lead us to feel we are alone. Talking to people and establishing support systems can eliminate the feeling of loneliness and provide a sense of relief knowing that your feelings are 100% normal and the tough situation is in fact abnormal.

Be kind to yourself.

Treat yourself with kindness, like you would a friend, family member, or loved one. Make sure you make time for self-care and participate in “feel good” activities such as exercising, journaling, or meditating.

There are going to be good and bad days but practicing self-compassion makes it easier to move past the bad days and avoid fixating on our problems. Cultivating a kinder internal voice and being less critical of what we feel will allow us to accept ourselves for who we are at any given moment.

If speaking to someone would help, please reach out. AllHealth Network provides several supports.

  • To speak with someone in the Colorado Spirit Program about stress related to the pandemic, please call 720-707-6789 or visit our webpage at
  • For information about other services at AllHealth Network or to get connected with ongoing behavioral health support, please call 303-730-8858. AllHealth Network is continuing to provide service via telehealth or by phone and our Crisis Walk-in Center remains open 24/7.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and are in need of immediate assistance, please call the Colorado Crisis Hotline at 1-844-493-8255 (TALK) or text TALK to 38255.

How do you know if you’re experiencing a mental health crisis? Click here to learn about mental health crisis warning signs to look out for from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

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